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Installing (K)Ubuntu 9.04 "Jaunty" (AMD64) on a HP Pavilion DV5137EU

Tuesday 7 July 2009, by François Rygaert (aka Suske)

My first install was with Ubuntu 6.06 LTS "Dapper". See here. Then I reported the install with (K)Ubuntu 6.10 "Edgy". See here. I used to upgrade my distribution (or install from scratch) every 6 months without reporting anymore because... It’s all OK !

It is now as easy as installing a M$ Window$ $oftwar€... But without surprises ;-) Just boot on the CD, select your language and keyboard. Then click on... Yes, OK, Yes, Yes, OK, OK... You only need a wired connection at the first boot, in order to leave the installer download and configure the firmware for the wireless broadcom chipset.


Item Data Comment Details
Original HP Battery 6-cell Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) died in a few days about 6 weeks after the end of warranty... Thanks, HP
New battery 12-cell Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) Still Up to 5 hours autonomy in normal use (web, text, ...) Power management very efficient now with Kubuntu !
Video Graphics ATI RADEON® XPRESS 200M IGP graphics Works 3D OK
S-video TV out OK
Fax/Modem High speed 56K modem OK
Wireless Connectivity 54g™ 802.11b/g WLAN Works Firmware and software to install . Only need an internet connextion to let jPilot do the job.
One ExpressCard/54 slot (also supports ExpressCard/34) Not tested I still don’t know what it is :-)
External Ports 1 VGA port OK Good support of dual screen and so on now. Nearly perfect in fact, when restaring X server after pluging the projector in.
1 IEEE-1394 OK
Remote control infrared port (Remote Control optional) None
Cable docking connector Not tested
TI media cards reader Texas Instrument OK

Starting up

The laptop is configured to start on a bootable CD/DVD if present. So, set the power on, open the disc and set the power off immediately. Set the (K)Ubuntu for 64 bits PC in the case, close it and set the power on again. You won’t even see a vindoz logo :-) . Put your network cable in the ethernet port and connect it to your router, assuming you have one.

(K)Ubuntu live

The live (K)Ubuntu is booting and it is working good: keyboard, screen, graphic card, sound, pointer, usb mouse, usb stick and wired ethernet connection were OK. Wifi connection was lightened but did not work. In fact, the wifi driver is integrated in the kernel but you have to give him a firmware before more... Convinced ? You want to install ? Click on the Install desktop icon...

Partitioning the hard drive

"Next, next, next" installation process. You also will have to set a few informations of course (user name, and so on). It takes about 20 minutes and no trace of another OS will remain. Go to next main title.

Having the integrated wifi card to work

The BCM43xx driver is integrated in the kernel from version 2.6.17. However, if the distribution ships the driver, it doesn’t integrate the... firmware of the chipset: this one is not free... So you’ll have to :
- activate the wifi
- let jPilot fire and ask....


Don’t hesitate to ask for further details about this laptop Kubuntu and sorry for my (bad ?) english ;-)

View online : HP Pavilion dv5137eu Notebook PC - Product Specifications

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